Save the Date – 2nd HTE Program Workshop – November 14 2018 – Paris - Published on 06 08 2018

MATHEMATICAL & COMPUTER MODELING to study tumors heterogeneity in its ecosystem

We are proud to announce our second Workshop in November :

 November 14th 2018, 9h-18h

This second edition is organized by Olivier Saut (Head of the MONC team - INRIA) & Yannick Ladeiro (HTE Program & Inserm U1162). It will focus on MATHEMATICAL & COMPUTER Modeling for the tumors heterogeneity studies. HTE Program partners and invited speakers will present their expertise in the field.

This event target at the same time, biologist and bioinformatician and mathematicians and will promote interaction between all this experts.

Venue: BELUSHI'S PARIS GARE DU NORD 5 rue de Dunkerque, 75010, Paris



 Registrations Closed


5 Replies to “Save the Date – 2nd HTE Program Workshop – November 14 2018 – Paris”

  1. Dear Carlo Lucchesi,
    No video conf is planed but we will try to wrote a summary post about this day, on this website and linkedIn.


    Yannick Ladeiro

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