2nd CRC-HTE SCHOOL: 21-25 October 2019: Reconstructing Heterogeneity of (Epi)Genomic/Transcriptomic Tumors Architecture - Published on 19 07 2019

We are proud to announce that the next CRC-HTE School will take place in Paris from October 21 to 25, 2019 and will focus on:

Reconstructing Heterogeneity of (Epi)Genomic/Transcriptomic Tumors Architecture

This 5 days training  is designed for biologists beginning with "omics" data. The aim is to give a solid first formation to students that will generate a lot of expression data. It will also hallowed them to communicate more efficiently with bioinformaticians in their lab or in their collaborations.

This free training will focus on analysis and representation of (epic)genetic/transcriptomic data with R language, R studio and Bioconductor software.

The program will be decomposed in 4 parts:

  • R initiation training (October 21-22)
  • R, Bioconductor, sequencing data training (October 23)
  • Social event with scientific presentations by students (October 23 evening): Centre de recherche des Cordeliers 15 rue de l'école de médecine 75006 Paris
  • Practical training with real consortium data by Stefano Caruso (October 24-25): 72 rue des archives 75003 Paris

We co-organize the training with RITME company, specialized in the training to bioinformatics softwares.


  1. A laptop computer from the “student” will be needed for the formation. Be sure to be able to have one?
  2. According to some last minutes troubles, the 3 first day of the school could be given by a French speaking instructor (more information soon). 

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It was launch in order to develop a critical mass of resources and skills in order to conduct interdisciplinary research projects in the field of functional heterogeneity of cellular tumor relations in their ecosystem: the "HTE Program".

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