Back to our 2nd HTE Workshop: Mathematical & computer modeling to study tumor heterogeneity - Published on 10 12 2018

Our last Workshop, organized by Olivier Saut (India, MONC team) and Yannick ladeiro takes place the 14th Novembre in Paris at the Gare du Nord Belushi's  seminary room.

We had the opportunity to welcome nearly 70 scientists to discuss the following theme: Mathematical and computational modelling of tumour heterogeneity.

If you missed it we propose you a summary of the agenda with pictures as well as some works presented in .pdf .

Feel free to contact speakers for more informations or to initiate collaborations.

Irène BUVAT - UMR1023 Inserm- CEA- Orsay
What radiomic features can tell us regarding tumor heterogeneity in its ecosystem?


Vincent GUILLEMOT - Institut Pasteur - SABER Team- Paris
Integration of heterogeneous genomics data


Mathilde BADOUAL - Université Paris Diderot - IMNC - MSB Team- Paris
Modeling origin and natural evolution of low-grade gliomas



Yannick  VIOSSAT - Université Paris-Dauphine - CEREMADE – Paris
Mathematical models of adaptive therapy



Florence HUBERT - UMR 7373 - Institut de Mathématique – Marseille
Some mathematic models of tumor growth and metastatic spreading


Fabien CRAUSTE - UMR5251 CNRS – Bordeaux
Multiscale models of cancer immunotherapy: in silico approaches


Cynthia PERIER - INRIA - Team MONC – Bordeaux
Radiomics to improve prediction of response in soft-tissue sarcomas treated by chemotherapy

Delphine SALORT - INRIA/CNRS - LCQB – Paris
Some mathematical models in cancerology from DPE

Benjamin LEMASSON - U1216 - Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences – Grenoble
MR histology: a new imaging tool to monitor intra-tumor heterogeneity


Etienne BIRMELE - Université Paris Descartes - MAP5 lab – Paris
New statistical leads for the detection of cancer subtypes markers


Eric LETOUZE - UMR1162 Inserm – Paris
Reconstructing the natural history of cancer using a single or multiple tumor samples


Thank again to the speakers and the attendees. it was a great day of multidisciplinary exchanges. See you in 2019 for our next workshops.



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