Back on our first HTE School : Immunity & Tumor heterogeneity - Published on 23 04 2019

The 11-12-13 March we had the opportunity to welcome 25 selected PhD students from many research French team. They spend 3 days together to present their work and to learn more from a selection of good international speakers.

Let's go back on this successful school with:

  • The program:

  • Some pictures of the students at work:


  • Some pictures of the Social event organized at Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers:



  • Some slides shared by the orator and the students


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This French program is organized by ITMO Cancer, in collaboration with ITMO BCDE (Cell Biology, Development and Evolution) and ITMO Technologies for Health of the National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health (AVIESAN) with the National Cancer Institute (INCA) and Inserm within the framework of the Cancer Plan. Operational management is entrusted to Inserm.
It was launch in order to develop a critical mass of resources and skills in order to conduct interdisciplinary research projects in the field of functional heterogeneity of cellular tumor relations in their ecosystem: the "HTE Program".

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