1st HTE School -Tumor Environment & Immunity – 11-13 March 2019 - Published on 25 10 2018

1st HTE School -Tumor Environment & Immunity - 11-13 March 2019

Coordination :

Jean Pierre COUTY, Emmanuel Donnadieu, Yannick LADEIRO

Format :

3 days of Training courses, roundtable and oral presentations

Maximum number of students : 25

Themes :

Cancer immunotherapy, Single cell RNAseq, Metabolism & cancer, Translational tumor immunology, Imaging the cancer environment and so one...

Organization :

Sunday, March 10

Welcoming at FIAP Jean Monnet for non Parisians students

Monday, March 11

9:45 Welcome: E Donnadieu and JP Couty

10:00 Pierre Coulie (Institut de Duve, Bruxelles). Cancer immunotherapy

10:45 Speaker to be confirmed. The clinician’s point of view

11:30 Véronique Blanc (Servier) - The industrial’s point of view

12:15 LUNCH

13:30 Presentations by students I

15:00 Speaker to bo confirmed - Single cell RNAseqapproach

16:00 Presentation by students II

Tuesday, March 12

9:30 Presentation by students III

11:00 Jean-Ehrland Ricci (C3M Nice) Metabolism and cancer

11 :45 Eric Vivier (CIML, Marseille). Cancer immunotherapy, future directions

12:30 LUNCH

13:45 Presentations by students IV

15:00 Round tablePrivate-academic interactions with Nicolas Doulet (Business development, Imagine) Murielle Derrien (Cellectis)

17:30 Social Event Villa Vassilieff

Wednesday, March 13

9:30 Frédéric Thomas (CREEC, Montpellier).Cancer and its ecosystem

10:15 Paolo Dellabona (San Raffaele, Milan ) NKT and cancer

11:30 Pedro Romero (Lausanne) - Translational tumor immunology

12:30 LUNCH

13:45 Jorge Barbazan (Curie Institute) Imaging the tumor environment

14:30 Mathias Heikenwälder (Heidelberg) Chronic Inflammation and cancer

15:30 Sebastian Amigorena (Curie Institute). Tumor and immune response

16:15 Concluding remarksEnd of the School

Application (deadline JANUARY 14, 2018) :

The school is limited to 25 participants. It is open to  PhD students, as well as postdocs, and junior scientists with backgrounds in biology, mathematics,  computer science or mathematics.

It's FREE and we provide food (breakfast/lunch) and lodging.

Attach a cover letter outlining your research project and how this training is relevant to your project using the form below.



Teaching team :

Pierre COULIE (Institut de Duve, Bruxelles)

Véronique BLANC (Servier)

Jean-Ehrland RICCI (C3M Nice)

Eric VIVIER (CIML, Marseille)

Frédéric THOMAS (CREEC,Montpellier)

Paolo DELLABONA (San Raffaele, Milan)

Pedro ROMERO (Lausanne)

Jorge BARBAZAN (Curie Institute)

Mathias HEIKENWÄLDER (Heidelberg)

Sebastian AMIGORENA (Curie Institute)


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This French program is organized by ITMO Cancer, in collaboration with ITMO BCDE (Cell Biology, Development and Evolution) and ITMO Technologies for Health of the National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health (AVIESAN) with the National Cancer Institute (INCA) and Inserm within the framework of the Cancer Plan. Operational management is entrusted to Inserm.
It was launch in order to develop a critical mass of resources and skills in order to conduct interdisciplinary research projects in the field of functional heterogeneity of cellular tumor relations in their ecosystem: the "HTE Program".

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