[HTE Program New Event]: Tumor Heterogeneity at Single Cell Level – Lille – 30 Sept. – 1 Oct. 2019 - Published on 26 04 2019

We are proud to announce our next event focusing on Single Cell technologies, applied to tumor heterogeneity in its microenvironment study!

Tumor Heterogeneity at Single Cell Level : From Single Cell Measurements to Molecular Mechanisms

This symposium is organized by Mathias Chamaillard, Lionel Poulin and Yannick Ladeiro. It will take place in Lille - Institut de Biologie next September 30 & October 1.

During these two days we will have the opportunity to welcome scientist at the forefront of these technologies like :

Marcelo NOLLMANN (CNRS - Montpellier - France)
Bernd JAGLA (Pasteur Institute- Paris - France)
Bart WESTENDORP (Utrecht University - Netherlands)
Klaas W. MULDER (Rabdoud Institut for molecular life science- Netherlands)
Jan COOLS (Center for Human Genetics - Leuven - Belgium)
Celine VALLOT (Curie Institute, Paris - France)
Leila PERIE (Curie Institute, Paris - France)
Jean-Christophe MARINE (Leuven - Belgium)
Séverine LE GAC (Twente - Netherlands)
Johanna WAGNER (from Berd Bodenmiller lab, Zurich, Switzerland)
Luca  RAPPEZ (from Theodore Alexandrov lab, EMBL, Germany)
Mickael PLOQUIN (10x Genomics)
Alison HARGREAVES (Partek)
Véronique VILLARET (Miltenyi Biotec)
Guilhem TOURNIAIRE (Cellenion)
Philippe JOANIN (Takara)

Preprogram: (download it in .pdf)

DAY 1:  Sept. 30, 2019               

-8h45  Coffee

-9h10  Intro    Title     Moderation

Session 1 : Mining single cell data toward an atlas of tumor heterogeneity

-9h15  Jean-Christophe MARINE (Leuven - Belgium)           TBD

-10h    Mickael PLOQUIN (10x Genomics)    Sponsor Communication

-10h45 Johanna WAGNER (Berd Bodenmiller lab, Zurich, Switzerland)      A single-cell atlas of the tumor and immune ecosystem of human breast cancer

-11h30Short sessions             Program soon

-11h45Short sessions             Program soon

-12h    Offered Lunch             

Session 2 : Epigenetic and multimodal profiling of tumor heterogeneity

-13h30 Alison HARGREAVES (PARTEK)  Sponsor Communication

-14h15 Celine VALLOT (Curie Institute, Paris - France) Tracking the dynamics of chromatin states in tumor cells at single-cell resolution: response and resistance to cancer therapies

-16h Luca RAPPEZ (EMBL, Germany)         TBD computational biology tools to reveal the spatial organisation of metabolic processes

-16h45 Leila PERIE (Curie Institute, Paris - France)   Family matters: the role of single cell families in hematopoiesis

-17h15  Short sessions             Program soon

-17h30. Short sessions             Program soon

-18h-19h  Lille Pasteur Museum visit              

DAY 2 : Oct. 1, 2019          

-8h45  Coffee

- 9h00  Guilhem TOURNIAIRE (Cellenion)            TBD

Session 3 : Mathematical and technological development on spatial and temporal modelling

- 9h45  Bernd JAGLA (Pasteur Institute) Single cell RNAseq data analysis using an extendable shiny app

-10h30  Marcelo NOLLMANN (CNRS - Montpellier) - France)           TBD

-11h15  Séverine LE GAC (Twente - Neitherland)       TBD

-12h. Short sessions             Program soon

-12h15. Short sessions             Program soon

-12h30    Offered Lunch   

Session 4 : Toward precision medicine for overriding tumor resistance

-14h    Jan COOLS (Center for Human Genetics - Leuven - Belgium)           Single-cell DNA and RNA sequencing reveals clonal heterogeneity and patterns of evolution in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

-14h45 Philippe JOANIN (Takara)      Sponsor Communication

-15h15. Bart WESTENDORP (Utrecht University - Neitherland)        Heterogeneous DNA damage response allows escape from replication stress-inducing drugs

-16h  Klaas W. MULDER (Rabdoud Institut for molecular life science- Neitherland)       Single cell systems biology of cellular decision-making

-16h45. Véronique VILLARET (Miltenyi Biotec)         Sponsor Communication

-17h15  Short sessions            Program soon

-18h  Short sessions             Program soon


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